G.E.M.S.:  A Guide to Exploring and Maximizing Your Strengths

During my career, I often observed recurrent patterns of behavior among different people that just didn’t seem random.  This always made me curious.  I wanted to know more and began to study personality type–our inborn way of looking and dealing with the world around us–our inherent “wiring”–that helps make us who we are.  I call this inherent wiring “behavioral DNA” and it is the “Silent Factor” that influences all aspects of our lives.

I developed my proprietary self-assessment tool, G.E.M.S.:  A Guide to Exploring and Maximizing Your Strengths as an interactive, enjoyable, and thought-provoking way to help my clients identify their personality type.  G.E.M.S. explores your natural, underlying drivers—information you can use to take steps to create the life you want at any stage of your life.  It is based on years of research and experience and helps you identify your particular “behavioral DNA.”   G.E.M.S. is a powerful tool that provides insights about:

  • what energizes you
  • what influences the way you prefer to interact with the world
  • what types of information you generally find meaningful
  • how you prefer to gather that information
  • how you generally like to make decisions and what’s important to you in that process
  • how you prefer to structure and live your life.

G.E.M.S.  is available only to Life in Focus clients.  It’ll help you see your strengths in a different way. It’ll give you a “bird’s-eye view” of your challenges and blind spots—and ways to deal with them.  It’ll also give you clues to your personality-based stress triggers…before they affect you and others…and some steps you can take to nip stress in the bud.    It’ll help you understand how you can communicate so that you can be heard. Finally, it’ll help you see what’s important for you to be your most satisfied, competent and valued self. G.E.M.S. provides essential information to use in your job search and to help you succeed in the job you ultimately select.