Over the course of my career as a business woman, lawyer and coach, I’ve learned that when I remember to think about what’s important to me and keep those things in the forefront of my mind, my work life and my home life are more satisfying and I feel more fulfilled, engaged and happy.  When I lose that focus, when I “sweat the small stuff” or  work harder and not smarter, I become overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated and stuck.

We all are different and value different things but I’ve learned that when we live and work in ways that are meaningful to us, when we focus on the things that are important to us—and keep those things in focus no matter what we are doing, everything is better—we work with our strengths and for the purposes that matter to us, whatever they are—money, stimulation, supporting our families, improving the world, prestige, power, self-image, whatever.  We don’t get as bogged down by the “noise” in our lives.  We can more easily see the good and blur out the bad.  At home we can re-focus the “oughts” and the “shoulds” and feel, instead, the love and connections.  On a walk we can smell the smells and hear the birds and see the beauty in what’s around us.  We are more mindful and present in our lives.

I started Life in Focus, my career coaching company, to leverage what I have learned over my 30 year career and my coach training to help other people find what’s important to them and keep those things front and center in their lives and during their career management process.  My company name, Life In Focus, reflects that goal and reminds me, everyday, to remember to focus on those things that I value in my life.  The Life in Focus Process helps my clients do the same throughout their career change process so that they can be authentic to their own needs and land a job that helps them keep their life–their values, their wants and their personal keystones–in focus.

Over the years I’ve gotten to work with and know people in different industries, with different skill sets, at different levels within the corporate hierarchy.   I know first-hand what it takes to succeed in today’s workplace.  I want to share that information, give my clients tools that they can use both to get their “best” job and then be successful in it all while keeping their life in focus.

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