“As a recent college graduate, I was lost and overwhelmed with what my next step would be. Barbara’s guidance was invaluable. She helped me evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a career path that best suited my interests. That led me to a path in medicine, and Barbara was the first person I turned to when faced with the challenge of choosing which residency program I would attend after graduation. She has a way of asking questions that I wouldn’t even think to ask myself. The way Barbara approaches problem-solving allowed me to be confident and comfortable with decision I ultimately made. ”
—Leigh, Surgical Resident, Philadelphia, PA

“After many stagnant years in the same position I lost sight of what I wanted and how I was going to achieve my goals. While I was highly motivated, I had no idea how to apply my energy. Barbara Kessler’s unique approach to career coaching guided me through the process of assessing where I wanted to be and put together a strategy for how I was going to get there. She was open, honest, and most importantly accessible when I needed help the most. Now I’m on a new career path and have a plan for realizing my goals. Barbara was also an incredible interview coach. With her guidance, I can now walk into interviews prepared, confident, and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Her counsel truly lived up to its name- Life in Focus.”
— Jeremy, Teacher, seeking new challenges in educational administration, Jersey City, NJ

“Barbara is very good at helping people take that next step. Unsure of whether or not to apply to a graduate school program, I turned to Barbara for guidance. Barbara helped me work through several big decisions during an important point in my early career. Her optimism and enthusiasm as a coach helped me to seek out employment opportunities that I might have otherwise overlooked. What I still appreciate very much, looking back on our sessions together, is that Barbara never told me what to do. Instead, she provided me with a framework and with valuable attitudinal tools which I used to make my own decision with a newly empowered and independent mindset. With Barbara as my coach, I was able to better understand my professional motivations, I began paving a career path and I found the strength and courage to move forward. After working with Barbara I am about to complete a challenging, accelerated graduate program in education, and I am confidently interviewing for full-time teaching positions.”
—Michael, Teacher, NY, NY

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