“Barbara Kessler helped me get my dream job. She coached me on how to turn my energy and passion for the position I wanted into concise concrete language highlighting my skills, strengths and qualifications. Barbara challenged me with tough questions and taught me how to address potentially misunderstood weaknesses and express them as character building strengths. She prepared me to calmly and confidently walk into my interview and shine, to breathe, and think before I spoke and really make a positive impression. Thank you, Barbara, for helping me to bring my career to the next level.”
—Andrew, Chef, thriving in his new job, Brooklyn, NY

“I first started working with Barbara to help prepare for an intimidating interview where I felt I needed additional coaching in order to succeed. I was amazed by how Barbara was able to coach me in answering even the most difficult questions with ease and intelligence. Since that time I have consulted with Barbara on pretty much every professional move I have made. She has become not only a coach, but a mentor who helps me to figure out challenging political situations at work, see opportunities that I cannot see myself, and work toward my professional goals. I feel confident in saying that because of Barbara, there is no interview or job challenge I cannot conquer!”
—Samantha, University Administrator, NY, NY

“Barbara was an invaluable asset when I was preparing for a major career opportunity to become the next Executive Director of a dynamic non-profit national organization. Barbara provided guidance, simulated practice and actionable recommendations that allowed me to present myself in my best light and authentic self….and ultimately be offered the position I was seeking. I could not have done it without Barbara!”
—Jessica, Executive Director of a National Non-Profit Advocacy Organization, NY, NY

“Barbara was able to help me assess both my skill set and my wants. Once I became aware that they were compatible, it was almost easy to figure out what to do with the information. I have been working steadily for nearly 30 years. In all that time, I have only had to interview for a job once or twice. As I looked to change jobs in this difficult market, I knew I would be required to interview for a new job. Barbara worked with me on my interviewing skills and helped me frame answers to questions so that I could present myself in the most positive way. She asked appropriately probing questions and listened carefully to my answers to make sure that the responses I was preparing were really my own thoughts in my own words. At significant cross-roads in my career, Barbara’s coaching has helped me to reach the right decision time and again.”
—Robin, Senior Banking Executive, NY, NY

“Barbara’s coaching techniques were just what I needed to help me prepare for my interview as I re-entered the job market…She guided me through a mock interview, prepped me with questions that helped highlight my strengths and gave me her expert advice and perspective on what to expect during an interview….something I hadn’t experienced for over 8 years….having those tools really helped build my confidence and enabled me to move through the interviewing session smoothly. Barbara’s practical advice and insight, her relaxed manner and ability to zero in on areas that needed strengthening really made the whole job search process a great growth experience….and for that, I am so appreciative.”
—Janet, Archivist, NY, NY

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