“Barbara Kessler helped me help myself. She is an excellent facilitator who helps you dig down and really figure out who you are and what you really want to do with your life. She helped me realize that I can do something that I love and turn it into an opportunity, a job. I really needed help to become more focused and weed through the many ideas I had floating around. I now have a plan, a goal and a clear direction for this next chapter of my life. I am very excited about it!!”
—Danielle, stay-at-home mom planning her re-entry into the workplace, Westport, CT

“Coaching with Barbara was a fascinating journey that has improved my life. It has cleared some of my thought processes and allowed me to maintain confidence so I can make mistakes or changes and still move on effectively.”
—Debbie, professional returning to the workplace, Lloyd Neck, NY

“I had the fortunate experience of working with Barbara Kessler as my coach. Barbara was able to help me make some significant changes. Barbara persistently asked the difficult questions—the questions you know are nagging at you and that you know the answers to but never verbalize. By encouraging me to answer those questions, I was able to take concrete steps to make my life more positive and less stressful. Barbara helped me to set attainable goals and to become accountable to myself. With Barbara’s help I am getting better results because I am actively changing my thoughts and feelings. I am now a work in progress, a work that is worth working on.”
—Mary, stay-at-home mom considering a return to work, Bethpage, NY

“I found the experience working with Barbara amazing. From day 1 I felt very comfortable and trusting with her. I knew that anything I said was not being critiqued or judged. I loved how she kept me on track when I wandered off. Her way of pulling me back onto the topic was always subtle and respectful. I also always knew that she was truly listening to what I was saying…and that is a great gift.”
—Patti, working mom seeking work/life balance, Bethpage, NY

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