“Moving from the non-profit world to a beverage start-up, Barbara was invaluable in guiding me to the next stage of my career. Our work together allowed me to make this significant shift with confidence and grace. Through a series of unique exercises, she had me take stock of my professional experiences and define my goals. Barbara helped me to evaluate my options and made sure that my decisions met my professional and personal objectives. Through my process with Barbara, I was able to effectively negotiate with my new employer and smoothly leave my previous position–she even helped me secure an exit bonus. She helped me chart my course and ensured that I set myself up for success in my new role–I am happier than ever, growing and excelling on this new path.”
— Helena, Director of Sales & Marketing, Brooklyn, NY

“Barbara was instrumental in helping me plot a new path in my life. After having worked for a large investment bank for over 15 years, and survived a merger, I was looking for a change. I did not have a clear focus on where I wanted to go, but I knew in my heart that there was a job out there that would give me more satisfaction than my present position. Barbara had the tools and gave me the space to really explore what I wanted, and kept asking me the questions that helped me find the path that I wanted to follow. I would recommend anyone currently in transition, or anyone not happy with their current position, to seek Barbara out. It could be life changing. I know it was for me.”
— Scott, a successful financial advisor in Briarcliff Manor, NY

“Unless someone knocks on your door with an offer, a job search is rarely on anyone’s top ten “most fun” activities. However, Barbara will help you navigate the ups and downs of resume-writing and will help you hone your interviewing skills. Her coaching work with you is like peeling an onion, with each layer you go deeper into showcasing your strengths, addressing your challenges and developing the required tools you need to become the best candidate for that coveted position. I wholly recommend Barbara to guide you in your job search. She also helped me gain the confidence so many job-seekers crave to gain before they walk into that interviewer’s office. There will not be one question they ask that Barbara didn’t anticipate. If you do your homework, Barbara will prepare you well for your next professional landing.”
—Taina, Executive Director, not-for-profit advocacy organization, NY, NY

“As a graduate student in Psychology in New York City, I came to Barbara before applying to highly competitive Psychology Doctoral Programs. What struck me right away was her genuine enthusiasm for wanting to get to know me as a person first, and her interest and care for both my short-term and long-term academic and life goals. Her unique coaching style was invaluable throughout this normally arduous and anxious process, as she was always there for me as an incredible figure of support, expertise, guidance, and motivation. She was crucial in helping me think strategically through objectives and tasks, ultimately helping me to make the best, most well-informed decisions. When it came to preparation for my interviews, I could not imagine doing anything differently. Her calm and caring, but at the same time meticulous and professional nature helped reduce any nerves I had, and her expertise and experience prepared me for any type of potential questions or situations from start to finish. My experience with Barbara as an academic and life coach, interview expert, and overall person was exceptional and unparalleled. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through the rigors of the academic, work, or life transitions.”
–Zach, Graduate Student in Psychology, NY, NY

“Barbara’s coaching and guidance was profoundly helpful for me. At every step of the process, from general strategizing and resume-drafting, all the way through interviews and follow-ups, she taught me the skills necessary to be successful and comfortable in all situations. She was honest and insightful, and I came out of the experience a more well-
rounded person prepared to take on the business world.”
— Eric, Lawyer, Washington, DC

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