I’m not going to get you a job

You will.

What is the most common challenge for women (or perhaps anyone) unhappy in their careers?  They  feel “stuck”, unfulfilled, frustrated, unsatisfied.

So what do they do? Initially they simply sit and complain.  When it get’s bad enough, they sometimes they act out and run into problems at work.  They are disappointed in themselves and in their situation.’

When they finally decide to take action, they embrace a “hit or miss” approach.  They don’t know what they want.  They don’t know  how to proceed.  They don’t have a plan.  Instead, they  go out searching for the path of least resistance — networking, job boards, you name it.  Their mantra is: “I need that break”  and they spend time and money setting the stage for that break to come.  But, for most of us, that strategy doesn’t work.

Why? Because nothing in life is that easy (breaks, luck, the universe doesn’t deliver just because we wish it would).  Nothing can replace hard work, some self-exploration and a plan. When it comes to your career, the “business” you, is closely tied to the “personal” you.  To find work where you will feel satisfied and fulfilled, you need to know what makes you feel that way.  Without that insight, you spend way to much time spinning your wheels or worse, moving from one wrong job to another.

The hard work in career transition is not looking for that great job posting or the perfect LinkedIn introduction. The hard work is getting to know “you”. The intimate and often painful journey of self-discovery.  At the end of the journey, YOU know what career you should be pursuing and you decide, once and for all, that compromising who you are, your beliefs, skill-sets and what makes you happy, is not going to happen again.

When you are ready to start on that journey, to take those first difficult steps, I am available to help you.  As you learn more about who you are and what you want to do with your work time, I am there to help you make those hard decisions.  I am there as you put all the steps together so that you can authentically express your wants, needs, beliefs and skills during the interview process.  I won’t get you a job…but I will be there standing right beside you as you do what it takes to create your career, your way.

When you skip the hard stuff, your just wasting time–marking a big “x” on the calendar but making no progress.