It’s confusing out there.  Many people offer interview preparation services.  They say they “know” the questions that will be asked.  They say they can give you the answers you need.  They say their product is just what you’re looking for.

I am sure that studying the right questions with some well-prepared answers before a test helps.  But, in today’s job market, it is not about selling the right answers.  It’s about selling YOU!  Lots of people can give good answers to questions.  Only YOU can know your answers and present you as the right candidate for the job.

And I [Life in Focus] can help you get there more quickly, confidently and effectively—saving you time, money and angst—and giving you tools to take with you that’ll make your life happier—at work and at home.

I started Life in Focus over five years ago as a way to use what I’ve learned working in the business world to help people succeed in their chosen field. Over the past thirty years, I have gotten to work with and know people in different industries, with different skill sets, at different levels of the organization.  In my last corporate job as head of the Employment Law Department of a publicly-held telecommunications and entertainment company, one of my responsibilities was working closely with the HR professionals to help people be more successful in their jobs.  I loved it and was good at it.  I know first-hand what it takes to succeed in today’s workplace.  I want to share that information and give you tools that you can use both to get your “best” job and then be successful in it.

I’m sure you know your skills and what it takes to be successful in your current (or previous) job. I also know my skills and tools. And, I know I can help you land your next job more effectively and in less time than it would take you on your own.  They say that “the road to success is paved with good intentions.”  There are many people out there who have good intentions and may be able to help you prepare for your interview with an interview-in-a-box approach.


Only with Life in Focus can you work with G.E.M.S.—A Guide to Enhancing and Maximizing Your Strengths, a personality type identifier that I developed based on years of research and my work experiences.  Using G.E.M.S. is like opening the “gift of you.”  Even if you know yourself well—and if you’re still reading to this point I’m sure you do–working with G.E.M.S. will help you see your strengths in a different way. It will also give you a “bird’s-eye view” of your challenges and blind spots—and ways to deal with them.  It’ll give you clues to your personality-based stress triggers…before they affect you and others…and some steps you can take to nip stress in the bud.    It will help you understand how you can communicate so that you can be heard. Finally, it’ll help you see what’s important for you to be your most satisfied and effective self at work—the type of tasks that you’re inherently well-suited for and the types that are inherently more difficult; work environments in which you’ll thrive and the types of bosses who’ll bring out the best in you.  You’ll also have tools you can use to help modify some of the more challenging situations you may be in.

Using G.E.M.S. and my “you-focused” approach to interviewing, we’ll develop your stories and your interview skills so that you are authentic, confident and THE right candidate for the job you seek.  It’s a competitive world out there and I want to help you stand apart from the rest by taking the “magic” out of the process and helping you be who you are.


BUT…My work is different.  First off, I customize your interview process to the particular job you are seeking.  I work with you live and in-person to help you customize your answers so that they showcase you and your strengths and demonstrate why you’re the right choice.  And, when you get that “best” job—you’ll know what you’re getting and what it’ll take to make you successful, satisfied and effective in it.

The problem with interview failures is the lack of authenticity — we hire real people not robots or parrots. We hire people who are unique.