My ideal client is a professional woman aged 35-50 who is at a career crossroads and ready to take the next step.  She wants to see herself as valued, competent and effective in all her roles at work and at home.  She believes that she is entitled to feel satisfied, engaged and happy in her life.  She knows that life is too short to stay where she is and understands that sometimes getting help is the most expedient way to go.

She may be thinking about returning to work after taking a gap to raise their kids; she may be ready to move in her career and wants a promotion, a different job in the same company, the same job in another company or a new field altogether.  She may be interviewing for jobs and getting nowhere. Sometimes, she may even know that she wants to move forward but is “stuck” and unsure of how to proceed. Life in Focus is ready, willing and able to help people who are ready to have their career, their way.


Many of my clients had careers before they “opted out” and decided to leave the workforce for a period of time to raise their children.  Some of them intended to return to work in a short period; some did not.  Some surprised themselves and decided to extend their time at home longer than they initially had anticipated.  What all of these women have in common is the feeling that they are ready to consider returning to work in addition to being a mom.

Many women in this group either do not want to return to their former areas of expertise or are not sure about that.  Some do not know what they want to do.  Still others don’t know where their talents currently lie or how they can be used effectively in the workplace.

They share some common questions:

  • How am I going to overcome being “stale” in my field?

  • How will it be to report to someone younger?

  • How can I catch up with the changing technology, the use of social media and other work-related needs?

  • Is it even realistic at this point in my life to be successful at being both a mom and a professional?

  • How can I balance work and life?

  • How can I be taken seriously?

  • How can I take myself seriously?


Many of my clients know that they are ready for a promotion, a new job or a new career.  Sometimes they find it scary or frustrating to take the next step.  Sometimes the process, or even they, do not move as fast as they wish. Sometimes they even may seem to be getting in our own way.

Clarifying what you need in order to be fulfilled in your career, developing an effective job search strategy, setting reasonable goals and following through are difficult tasks to do by yourself.  As a Career Management Coach I help professional women who are ready for a more engaging and satisfying career land their next position. Whether they:

  • want to move up the corporate ladder,

  • are tired of watching others get the jobs they want and know they can do,

  • are considering a new job in  their current company or the same or a different job in another company or

  • any other career change,

I work with them to achieve their goals more effectively than they can on their own.  If you are ready to have your career, your way, I’d love to talk to you about taking your “next step.”  I want to share what I’ve learned as a coach and as a successful lawyer and businesswoman with over 30 years navigating the corporate arena while raising two highly competent and happy (now adult) children.


Even if you know what job you want and how to go about finding opportunities in your field, you’re are not done yet.  Landing the job is your goal. To interview effectively in today’s marketplace it takes more than reading a book or an internet article on the 30 “most frequently asked” interview questions and the “perfect” way to answer them. It also takes more than using someone’s canned approach on how to ace the interview.

Employers today have heard it all.  They’re not interested in listening to what someone else has crafted as your perfect answer (especially since they have probably heard that perfect answer many times before).  Interviewers want to know about you—real, authentic you and why you are the right one for the job you’re seeking.  What makes you unique and special?  What specific experiences have you had that prepare you to be successful at the job you want?  There is an art to crafting your answers so you stand out from the crowd.

I have successfully helped hundreds of people craft their own stories in their own words so that they confidently, comfortably and effectively can handle any question or scenario that a prospective employer or other interviewer might throw their way. They can present their story so that it highlights their strengths and their compatibility with the corporate culture.  They do not sound rehearsed and know how to control their nervousness. They are ready and can give it their best shot.

As importantly, my clients know how to get the information they need to make career choices that will help them create the life they want.  They also are prepared to analyze that information and answer the questions that will help them get there like:

  • Understanding what you want from a job and what is really important to you in your life, does this position and place match up?

  • Does this position allow you to spend most of your time playing toward your strengths?

  • Will your boss supervise you in a way that will allow you to flourish?

  • Will the environment be one in which you are more likely to succeed?

 At decision time, my clients know how to look at workplaces and jobs and make the best possible career decisions they can.


Sometimes my clients just don’t know what they want to do.  They may be in a job where they feel overwhelmed and unhappy.  Sometimes they are stressed and are working harder, not smarter.  Sometimes they are burnt out.  It is taking a toll on their health, their happiness and their sense of self.  It’s impacting their home life.  They do not feel like they are being good mothers, wives, partners, children or friends.  They feel guilty.  They feel ineffective.  They feel resentful of those who “have it all.”  They expected a better life and now they want to go for it.

I work with these women to build their their confidence and self esteem.  Together we work through the Life in Focus Process to discover what’s important to them for a happy, engaged and fulfilling life.  We look at their skills, inherent strengths values and personality type to recreate a world that meets their needs.  We set goals, define strategies and stay on course.  We figure out career paths that have potential opportunities that they might find interesting.  We figure out how to hone their existing skills and develop the new ones they will need to be successful.  Throughout their transition, I am there as a coach, a mentor, a cheerleader, an adviser and an accountability partner. Together we move from frustrated and stuck to a life where my client feels satisfied, engaged and valued at work and at home.

If you are ready to take the next step to create the work life you want, contact me for a complimentary consultation to see if working together we can get your life in focus and identify jobs where you’ll feel personally satisfied, competent and valued and be prepared to land them. [link]