Frustrated and stuck

Sometimes my clients just don’t know what they want to do.  They may be in a job where they feel overwhelmed and unhappy.  Sometimes they are stressed and are working harder, not smarter.  Sometimes they are burnt out.  It is taking a toll on their health, their happiness and their sense of self.  It’s impacting their home life.  They do not feel like they are being good mothers, wives, partners, children or friends.  They feel guilty.  They feel ineffective.  They feel resentful of those who “have it all.”  They expected a better life and now they want to go for it.

I work with these women to build their their confidence and self esteem.  Together we work through the Life in Focus Process to discover what’s important to them for a happy, engaged and fulfilling life.  We look at their skills, inherent strengths, values and personality type to recreate a world that meets their needs.  We set goals, define strategies and stay on course.  We figure out career paths that have potential opportunities that they might find interesting.  We figure out how to hone their existing skills and develop the new ones they will need to be successful.  Throughout their transition, I am there as a coach, a mentor, a cheerleader, an advisor and an accountability partner. Together we move from frustrated and stuck to a life where my client feels satisfied, engaged and valued at work and at home.

If you are ready to get “unstuck” and create the work life you want, contact me for a complimentary consultation to see if working together we can get your life in focus and identify jobs where you’ll feel personally satisfied, competent and valued and be prepared to land them.

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