Interview to get hired

Even if you know what job you want and how to go about finding opportunities in your field, you’re are not done yet.  Landing the job is your goal. To interview effectively in today’s marketplace it takes more than reading a book or an internet article on the 30 most frequently asked interview questions and the “perfect” way to answer them. It also takes more than using someone’s canned approach on how to ace the interview.

Employers today have heard them all.  They’re not interested in hearing what someone else has crafted as your perfect answer (especially since they have probably heard that perfect answer before).  Interviewers want to know about you—real, authentic you and why you are the right one for the job you’re seeking.  What makes you unique and special?  What specific experiences have you had that prepare you to be successful at the job you want?  There is an art to crafting your answers so you stand out from the crowd.

I have successfully helped hundreds of people craft their own stories in their own words so that they can confidently, comfortably and effectively handle any question or scenario that a prospective employer or other interviewer might throw their way. They can present their story in a way that highlights their strengths and their compatibility with the corporate culture.  They do not sound rehearsed and know how to control their nervousness. They are ready and can give it their best shot.

If you are ready to take the next step to interview authentically and successfully, contact me now for a complimentary consultation to see if working together we can get you into your next position more quickly, comfortably and effectively.

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