Mom ready to return to work

Many of my clients were in careers before they “opted out” and decided to leave the workforce for a period of time to raise their children.  Some of them intended to return to work in a short period; some did not.  Some surprised themselves and decided to extend their time at home longer than they initially had anticipated.  What all of these women have in common is the feeling that they are ready to consider returning to work in addition to being a mom.

Many women in this group either do not want to return to their former areas of “expertise” or are not sure about that.  Some do not know what they want to do.  Still others simply don’t know where their talents lie at this point in time or how they can be used effectively in the workplace.

They share some common questions:

  • My field has changed.  How am I going to overcome being “stale”?

  • The work-world has changed.  How will it be to report to someone younger?  How can I catch up with the changing technology, the use of social media and other work needs?

  • Is it even realistic at this point in my life to be successful at being both a mom and a professional?

  • How can I balance work and life?

  • How can I be taken seriously?

  • How can I take myself seriously?

If you are ready to take the next step to create the work life you want, contact me for a complimentary consultation to see if working together we can get your life in focus and identify jobs where you’ll feel personally satisfied, competent and valued and be prepared to land them.

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