Ready for change
a Promotion, a New Job or a New Career

Sometimes it’s scary or frustrating to take the next step.  Sometimes the process, or even we, do not move as fast as we wish. Sometimes we even may seem to be getting in our own way. Clarifying what you need in order to be fulfilled in your career, developing an effective job search strategy, setting reasonable goals and following through are difficult tasks to do by yourself.

As a Career Management Coach I help professional women who are ready for a more engaging and satisfying career. Whether they want to move up the corporate ladder, are tired of watching others get the jobs they want and know they can do, are considering a new job in  their current company or the same or a different job in another company or any other career change, I work with them to achieve their goals more effectively than they can on their own.

If you are ready to have your career, your way, I’d love to talk to you about taking your “next step.”  I want to share what I’ve learned as a coach and as a successful lawyer and businesswoman with over 30 years navigating the corporate arena while raising two highly competent and happy (now adult) children.  Contact me now for a complimentary consultation to see if working together we can get your life in focus and identify jobs where you’ll feel personally satisfied, competent and valued and be prepared to land them.

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